Historic & Traditional Heritage Finishes

Historic & Traditional Heritage Finishes

As traditional heritage painters, decorators and artisans, Lancaster Painters Australia are masters of historic and traditional heritage finishes. We are committed to ensuring the cultural significance of heritage places is retained for future generations to enjoy. We follow the Burra Charter for the heritage conservation, restoration, reconstruction, rendition and beautification of heritage buildings including houses, Churches and government buildings. Being heritage listed in South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, we are members of the National Trust of Australia.

Heritage Skills

Professionally trained by English and Scottish masters, we are highly skilled in replicating the skill of the historical masters of the past and the beauty of their work. Lancaster Painters Australia are passionate about training craftspeople in specific traditional heritage decorative techniques, in order to retain the skills of past masters for the future.

Heritage signage reconstruction working from original scrapings.

We are passionate about preserving our Australian heritage!

Lancaster Painters Australia offer painting methods that are reproduced using the same paint methods and materials employed after which painting methods began to dominate the industry. Our work is based on exhaustive and continuous research into methods, materials, techniques and styles. Each job is individually hand-painted by skilled artisans without compromises in quality, historical accuracy or consistency. Working from original paint scrapings, using techniques such as spectroscopy, micro analysis or mechanical methods, and by understanding documentary evidence, Lancaster Painters Australia have successfully reproduced paint finishes, artwork and designs and accurately reproduced the style, character and look of the original period look. Read more about traditional heritage.

Traditional & Historic Heritage Services

Before & After Marbled Fireplace in The Lodge, Stirling

Featured above: Marble fireplace restoration in “The Lodge”, Stirling. Our professional traditional and historic heritage services boast safe lead paint stripping, paint scrapings, high quality preparation and repaint, sign writing, decorating and beautification incl. art, trompe l’oeil and hand crafted decorative arts finishes including Victorian decorative finishes. Traditional styles and designs include Victorian, Federation, Georgian, Edwardian, Queen Anne, Art Deco, Gothic and Pugin. Visit our heritage site.

Heritage decorative arts finishes include faux (fake) marbling, wood graining, gilding, stencilling, colour wash, copper antiquing, decorative ceiling roses and cornices, hand painted wallpaper, furniture finishes, marquetry, heraldry, sign writing, heritage art, motifs and designs, verre eglomise, limewash, strie, heritage art, glass art, leadlight, sponging, ragging, dragging and so much more.

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