Hand Painted Faux Stone & Brick

Faux Stone & Brick Hand Painted Sydney Stone & Malachite.

Faux (fake) Stone: Hand painted Sydney Stone and Malachite.

Faux stone & brick is the preparation and finishing of a surface to imitate the appearance of stone or brick. It is typically used in buildings where the cost or weight of genuine stone or brick would be prohibitive. Faux painting is used to create the distinctive and varied patterns of stone or brick.

Lancaster Painters Australia are able to replicate any stone or brick you can imagine using paint. Our hand painted faux (fake) finishes include malachite, blue stone, Sydney stone, Barossa iron stone, granite and more. Our stone and brick finishes have been meticulously hand painted – they are not real.

Faux Stone & Brick Garage door painted to match orignal brickwork.

Faux Brick: Garage door hand painted to match existing brickwork.

Faux Stone & Brick Portfolio